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Customer Reviews & Stories

I called a few places around 10:00 in the morning 11/02/17 asked for worst case pricing on my 2008 ford escape. First one said they'll call back in a couple hours. So I called USA Transmissions. I talked to Dewey Gregory who said it might be around $2000. A mechanic friend figured a transfer case would be a minimum of $2500-3000. I went to USA Transmissions as fast as my hobbled vehicle could muster. I received a call from Dewey to update my situation. A used replacement fit my budget and cost several hundred dollars below "worst case". I'm happy with his reporting back to me, and more so that I was back on the road in a couple days.

The first company I called finally returned my call at 5:03 pm (7 hours later) with a $4750 worst price... wow! Thanks much Dewey and Jim at USA Transmissions. I Like that you kept to your word when you said "I keep people moving". Jim actually walked me around the floor showing me the difference between types of transmissions. I really appreciate that Jim gave me some of his time to help me understand how a transfer case works. It's been a year now and I've had no problems at all... a true testiment to quality workmanship. Again, Thank you both so very much! Guys, as long as I have a car, please don't retire !

- Google Review

They flushed and changed the transmission fluid. Very honest people! They are also very responsive, professional, and got the job done quickly.

- Angie's List Review

Met Jim Gregory at St. Kenneth's fish fry several years ago. I believe it was a destiny intersection because of how well he and his brother Dewey have taken care of my family's cars & trucks over the years.

- Google Review

Replaced leaking gasket in transmission Successfully diagnosed and fixed the the problem in a reasonable amount of time. USA specialized in transmission work, so they are much more responsive than the local Ford dealer (Tom Holzer).

- Angie's List Review

Dewey did the job right the first time and worked with my warranty company. I had a very good experience and I feel Dewey exceeded my exceptions. Thanks USA Transmission!

- Google Review

After a severe thunderstorm, my transmission started to behave erratically. I took vehicle to USA Transmission and they told me not to drive it as it probably had water in the trans. They fixed me up with a decent rental car while they checked it out. The said the trans had an electrical problem and to take it to the dealer. So I did and the AWD computer was replaced, fixing the problem. They charged me nothing for the diagnosis. These guys are great!

- Angie's List Review

Dewey is first class gentleman and businessman. I was stranded with an apparent transmission issue on my 2010 Ford Fusion. Dewey helped me get a rental and did a no cost diagnostic that revealed that it was a throttle body issue. After taking my car to a repair shop for me, the repair shop confirmed the problem and informed him it was under warranty. Dewey then got my car to the Ford dealer for the no cost repair. He didn't charge me for anything. Dewey was an angel sent by God when I needed it most! I will certainly bring my vehicle back if I have any transmission problems and I would not hesitate to recommend USA Transmissions to anyone. Honest, fair and great people. Dewey is the real deal!

- Google Review

Great and honest transmission shop. They have rebuild my transmission in my Passat 3 years ago and never had an issue ever since!

- Google Review

Dewey Gregory is a stand up man. He does great work and backs it up. I took my impala in for total trans rebuild and when I got it back i could tell there was still something not right. He said bring it back and we will take it all apart and start over. He even offered to pay for my car rental. Wow! No one is perfect and he was determined to make me a satisfied customer. Guess what? He did. I would go back in a heartbeat and would highly recommend his work to anyone. He is an old school guy where a handshake is his word. Thank you. My car is running perfect!

- Yelp Review

Jim and Dewey are by far the best in the business, their integrity when it comes to what they do is unparalleled, and for me integrity IS customer retention, I will definitely be back their soon! IF you are looking for a great place to have your car looked at go here.

- Google Review

I took my daughter's 2008 Jeep Patriot to USA Transmissions after receiving a recommendation from a friend. We did not need transmission work but rather some other work - that was mentioned by the place that did our oil change. I wanted a second opinion. Jim at USA Transmissions checked out the Jeep and did the work that needed to be done - for less than the dealer quoted me. He was honest about the needed repairs -as well as work that was not needed. Jim will be my go-to guy for car work. Highly recommend!!!

- Yelp Review

Took my car in for clutch replacement, they fixed it along with a flywheel. Great service and decent prices.Towed it a short distance for free,hooked it up to computer diagnostic for free.When i left an oil leak started. Dewey had me bring it back in an fixed a rear main seal leak for free, really appreciated it.Big job and went out of his way to help us.Thank you

- Yelp Review

My transmission was running rough, I took it into these guys and it turned out I just needed more fluid because I was in an accident. Filled my trans up and took care of me professionally, great dudes.

- Google Review

Very good people. They went out of there way to make sure my transmission was in running in perfect shape and wasn't leaking. These are honest hard working people and I recommend them to anyone with transmission problems. Thank you for all you have done.

- Google Review

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at USA transmissions. Just when you think that all businesses are the same, I discovered USA transmissions. They are a family run operation, and they really do care. My wife was stranded on the highway with her broke down car, one call, and within an hour she was rescued, and they towed the car to their nearest repair facility. After they diagnosed the problem, they explained in great detail exactly what was needed to get the job done. I was very impressed with their professionalism, and how they explained the problems that occurred. They gave me a decent estimate, and they repaired the vehicle. They also gave me great advise on how to prevent future repairs as well. I have not encountered customer service like this in many years and was relieved to know that there still are businesses like USA transmission that still exist. I would recommend USA transmission to anyone in need of transmission related issues. I would also like to personally thank Billy, Mike, and Bob especially for the service received. I would definitely go back. USA transmission will always be my "go-to" for transmission repairs. Thanks guys!

- Yelp Review

Jim and Dewey helped me out by towing my son's car (Ford Focus). The transmission had to be rebuilt. There were no hidden costs, and on top of that the work was completed in time. I would definitely recommend this shop to my friends.

- Yelp Review

They've serviced/replaced the transmission and power takeoff for our Ford F-350 over the last 7 years. Their work is impeccable and they are extremely caring of their client's needs. Expect a professional opinion and course of action that you can count on. They are nice, upfront, and truthful. The truth regarding the state of your transmission isn't always what you want to hear. Especially since it can sometimes be an expensive component that needs repair. They'll walk you through everything and give you options if any are available. I HIGHLY recommend them.

- Google User

Customer service is great - even if you need help with something other than a trans!!! I stopped by to obtain scrap trans parts for a large scale bike sculpture I'm making for charity. Dewey was overly helpful in finding the right parts for the project even though he had no reason to be. If this is the service they provide for something not relevant to daily business, then I can only imagine the care to detail provided to paying customers. Thanks much!!!

- D

SERVICE YOU EXPECT AND DESERVE Unlike other repair shops I have tried, the employees and owners will tell you if they notice or find other items that need attention on your vehicle. This wasn't a "get more work out of you ploy", it was being helpful and of concern for me, which I really appreciate. They responded immediately when I arrived, taking my commercial work van (that I must have daily for my business) for a test drive, confirming a transmission related problem. They additionally noted a water pump leak and the clutch fan failing. Yep, they took care of it all in a timely fashion, at a fair price, and understood my urgent need to get me back on the road. It's quite apparent they know there business and what there speaking about, thus very knowledgeable in this repair field. I know, being in the automotive/machinery business for over 30 years myself. REMEMBER....There are several automotive/transmission repair shops, but there is only one.... USA TRANSMISSION FARMINGTON HILLS.... make it your place, theywill do you right! Best regards and great job to all of you.

- K

Honest guys - Jim and Dewey just rebuilt my transmission for my Impala. My car now shifts perfectly, and honestly has never felt as good as it does now. They were honest and up front with me from the beginning, through the quote stage, and until my car was fixed and I picked it up. These guys are seriously as good as it gets. If you need transmission work done, don't consider going anywhere else.

- A

I have been taking my vans to Jim and Dewey for over 10 years now. I like to buy used minivans to cart my big family all over Michigan and to Florida for vacations. I have had two vans with transmissions go bad and both were replaced by USA. Both vehicles transmissions lasted over 100000 miles with no problems. A third van I thought had a bad transmission, turned out to be seals...half the price I was planning on paying. This past repair I bought a used salvage vehicle from a guy off Craigslist. It started making a bad sound under the engine. I took it to my mechanic who I have used for 8 years, and he told me to scrap the van. I took it to Dewey and turned out the flywheel went bad. I almost scrapped a $3200 vehicle (for $400) but instead got it back on the road for $750. I am looking forward to putting 100000 miles plus on this van now, we are already planning our next trip to Florida!

- R.S

I happened to be in Novi for a trade show, more than 3 hours from home when I got an unpleasant surprise. My truck stalled, and at first I thought it was the transmission. After getting it safely off the road, the police suggested that I contact Dewey at USA Transmissions. It turned out to be a great call! Dewey was honest, helpful, land I could tell right away that he had an excellent reputation. He helped me to get a car rented, so I had transportation, and got my truck done over the weekend, so I didn't need to stay longer than needed. He even found out that the problem was not the transmission, but instead was the rear wheel differential. This turned out to be less than the estimate for the transmission repair. I enjoyed dealing with Dewey and would definitely recommend him and USA Transmissions for future automotive service!

- D.V

I'm always paranoid when taking my car for service because of previous unpleasant experiences. Transmission fluid leak was significant. I already added about two quartz in a span of four weeks. A friend suggested to bring my car to USA Transmissions and see Dewey Gregory. He was quite direct in discussing the problem and the steps they do to point the source of leak. If it just a minor problem I can even wait and drive the car home. I was very delighted they found the source of the leak and best of all I was just charged an hour of labor. It is quite difficult to find good and honest mechanics these days. I highly recommend USA Transmissions on Grand River, Farmington Hills.

- L

I took my vehicle to the Honda Dealership due to a Check Engine light. Dealership charged me $105 for diagnosis and told me my transmission needed to be replaced at a shocking cost of well over $5000! This struck me as quite odd, because I hadn't noticed anything irregular in the transmission performance. Two things were obvious: (1) I had to get a second opinion and (2) At that price if I truly needed a trans, the dealership was not going to get my business! I spoke with my extremely honest and trustworthy mechanic (Sovels on 10 Mile + Meadowbrook in Novi) who I have used for over 30 years. I asked them for a referral and they suggested taking my vehicle to USA Transmissions and ask for Dewey. Boy am I glad I did! After diagnosing this issue, Dewey explained that it very likely was the TCC Solenoid. He explained that he did not want to sell me something I didn't need. And even if it turned out that the trans needed to be replaced, the Solenoid would need to be replaced anyway. So the next logical step was to replace the Solenoid first and see if that resolved the check engine light issue. Sure enough, after replacing the TCC Solenoid and a lengthy test drive, Dewey confirmed that the problem was resolved! Dewey and USA Transmissions literally saved me thousands of dollars.

It's great to know there are still companies like USA Transmissions that are honest and have the highest integrity. I hope I never have transmission related issues on any of my vehicles in the future. However, if I do, I know where I'll take my vehicle. I know firsthand that USA Transmissions is someone I can trust and someone who cares about providing the best customer service possible. Thank you again, Dewey!

- T

This is how all businesses should be run. While driving from New jersey to Chicago my transmission failed completely. Although being stranded and facing a large repair bill was an extremely stressful experience, Dewey and the crew at USA Transmissions treated me like a long-time, favored customer from the moment I walked in the door. Dewey was open and honest from the beginning and walked me through every step of the repair process while offering as many options as possible. He completed the work on a rush schedule so as to allow me to get home to my family in a timely manner.

Exemplary customer relations, decades of transmission experience, extremely fair prices, and an understanding, positive attitude characterize Dewey and USA Transmissions. I have used dozens of different mechanics in five different states. No one has provided better service than USA Transmissions.

- T.R.

my transmission was acting up I called several transmission repair facilities and was quoted over 1500 dollars by all, I brought my car to usa trans and it turned out to be a minor repair that only cost 200, great place, very highly recommended

- V.H.

I've gone to USA Transmissions for over ten years and I've always been more than satisfied with the work there performed. Last fall, I took my 1996 Taurus to USA and had another positive experience all the way around. Dewey and Jim were knowledgeable, courteous, and, as always, they were able to explain the situation with my car to me in plain terms. And, of course, the repair was completed at the promised time for the promised price. I would not hesitate to recommend USA Trans to any of my friends or colleagues; in fact, I have done so for years! A+!

- H.C.

This place was great. Not only do you get fast service the workers their are very very helpful. I had a blown transmission in my car and called and explained to them the problem they told me to bring the car in and the would look at it. Here I am thinking this is going to cost me my whole life savings. I was wrong cost 3/4 of what I thought it would. My car was done in 3 days and I was able to continue my normal life with my car and money still in my pocket. Thank you for your help USA Transmissions

- B.G.

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